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.......• Developed coverage of
Heavy Duty oil bath seals…

.......• Introducing a line of pinion
.........and shaft seals…

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.........o-ring kits…


Boss Seals - Pinion & Shaft Seals

  • Boss Seals are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are tested on an ongoing basis at every production run to ensure the quality will remain consistent.
  • Boss Seals’ manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 and TS16949 certified to ensure reliable, consistent performance will be achieved.
  • OEM performance expectations are met through testing and quality standards.
  • Broad coverage, and the ability to customize packaging, leads to an ideal private branding program that is complete and comprehensive.



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Part Number Cross Reference
Boss Seals' Size Design Boss Part # Elastomer Cross Reference Cross Reference
1.399X2.292X.469 TB2 TB2 1.399X2.292X.469 Nitrile 13992 8660S
2.000X2.622X.280 KB3J KB3J 2.000X2.622X.280 Nitrile 19743 4148
2.500X3.428X.375 TB2 TB2 2.500X3.428X.375 Polyacrylate 24949 473274N
2.625X3.623X.375 TB2 TB2 2.625X3.623X.375 Polyacrylate 26220 475003N
2.625X4.564X.718 TB2J TB2J 2.625X4.564X.718 Polyacrylate 26373 9773
2.750X3.543X.500 TA2 TA2 2.750X3.543X.500 Polyacrylate 27295 475322N
2.938X4.003X.468 TB2 TB2 2.938X4.003X.468 Polyacrylate 29322 475012N
3.000X3.751X.375 TB2 TB2 3.000X3.751X.375 Polyacrylate 29867 476023N
3.000X3.751X.437 TA2 TA2 3.000X3.751X.437 Nitrile 29872 417349
3.000X4.003X.438 TA2 TA2 3.000X4.003X.438 Polyacrylate 29925 415013N
3.000X4.003X.438 TA2 TA2 3.000X4.003X.438 Nitrile 29952 415836
3.000X4.939X.800 TB2J TB2J 3.000X4.939X.800 Polyacrylate 30145 3905
3.000X5.751X.840 TB2J TB2J 3.000X5.751X.840 Polyacrylate 30148 710008
3.250X4.249X.375 TA2 TA2 3.250X4.249X.375 Polyacrylate 32385 416470N
3.500X4.376X.438 TA2 TA2 3.500X4.376X.438 Nitrile 34868 416624
3.500X4.501X.438 TA2 TA2 3.500X4.501X.438 Polyacrylate 34891 415991N
3.750X4.499X.468 TA2 TA2 3.750X4.499X.468 Polyacrylate 37330 415983N
TA2 - Inner & outer case, spring, dust lip
TB2 - Outer case, spring, dust lip
TB2J - Outer case, flange, compound angle, spring, dust lip
KB3J - No spring, two lips, flange, compound angle
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